FA-BWP660L waste container 660L

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660L waste bin with pedal 

Product Details:

Product Name:  waste container   660L

Model: FA-BWP660L

  • Features:
  •  Large refuse containers
  • Manufactured from new HDPE material only
  • Resistant to UV, cold, heat and chemicals,
  • Well-placed handles for convenient handling
  • Easy-sliding, spring-supported sliding lid . Can be arrested in 3 positions.
  • Equipped  as a standard in compliance with EN 840-5/6
  • Smooth-running, solid rubber tyres on Ø 200 mm heavy duty castors
  • All metal parts have been galvanised and are therefore protected against corrosion.
  •  hot stamping and screen printing possibl
  • Prepared to accommodate data carriers
  • Available in green and grey colors.
  • The containers comply with the noise protection ordinance according to the
  •  EU Directive and bear the guaranteed acoustic power (CE) mark.
  • When service life ends the complete containers can be recycled


Product Name: 660L waste bin with pedal 



with wheels and pedal  



Packing: body stack up with stretch wrapping film,

Each lid /polybag 


Packing: body stack up with stretch  wrapping

film,Each Lid /polybag