FA-SB5L Safety box for used syringes, 5 liters

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5L stury Safety box for used syringes and needles , with bags inside.


 Product Name: Safety Box

Model No.:  FA-SB5L

Safety box is an innovative packaging solution created for depositing used vaccination syringes and

needles to safeguard against infection and prevent reuse


5 Liters


150 auto disposable syringes of 0.5 ml with needles capacity

External dimensions

After assembling

200x 195 x170 mm


E-Flute, kraft board or grey board for choice



Packing details


Pcs to a carton




Certified by independent WHO-accredited laboratory to comply with the requirements of World Health

Organization Standard E10/IC.1 and E10/IC.2 on needle penetration resistance, water resistance and

combustibility etc.

Directions for use on the box in English, Spanish, French, and other language available.

What goes in a safety box?

  1. Disposable syringes                                                                        

2. Needles

3. Needles from IV bags

4. Lancets

5. Other contaminated sharps

DO NOT put these materials in the box:

1. Empty vials
2. Cotton pads
3. Compresses
4. Dressing material
5. IV bags or extension tubes
6. Latex gloves
7. Other plastic materials or waste products


1. Eliminates the risk of infection from used syringes and needles

2. Prevents syringes being reused

3. Safe to incinerate once safety box has been filled

4. Tamper proof - lock design prevents box opening once in use

5. Meets WHO standards (Pq/p10/sb01.1 edition September 2007)

6. Easy to understand – due to multi lingual handling information

Safe and unsafe operation