EA-25 Medical waste incinerator

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EA-25  incinerators with the burning rate 25kg per hour

EA-30 Medical waste incinerator

The EA-30 is our small medical waste incinerator, it is ideal for small start up medical facilities and pharmaceutical waste. Due to its 

compact design and agile nature, the model also serves as a popular choice for emergency incineration requirements


Equipment Technical Specifications

Applicable hospital size (number of beds)


Burning Ability

25kg/times(daily incineration 3-6 times)

Size of the incinerator


Volume of incinerator

Gasification room 0.3m3,secondary burning chamber0.2m3

Size of the waste filling entrance



Height 5m,diameterØ280㎜

Air Blower

0.37 kw

Auxiliary burner

Power 0.11kw,oil consumption volume4-6㎏/h

Re-burning burner

Power 0.11kw,oil consumption volume6-10㎏/h

Operation voltage

380V or 220V


About 2300kg



The Model EA-25 is our small incinerator and was designed for the smaller clinics to dispose of their waste. The unit has a 0.3 cubic meter combustion chamber, combined with a ash box and a removal door. The secondary chamber provides a post combustion after burner to ensure that all gases are re-burnt. 



• Low running and maintenance costs
• Automatic and simple to operate control panel
• Incineration Temperatures up to 1300 deg. C
• 5mm Steel Casing and fully insulated
• Dense Refractory Concrete Lining Rated to 1500 degrees C
• Solid Hearth to Allow Maximum Burnout
• Large Top Opening Lid For Easy Loading
• Easy on site installation,
small occupation area