15L safety box / syringe box/needle box FA-SE15

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We can offer 15L safety box for used used syringes and needles.



This container is intended to safely hold contain, store, transport and dispose of used sharps such as :sharps syringes and needles,

phlebotomy devices, IV insertion needles, including butterflies, lancets, scalpels and suture needles.  

Boxes need to be disposed of after a single use ! 


Before assembling, L265*W200*H340mm                       

After  assembling, 465mm*840mm*6mm


Corrugated board , grey board and white paper and with film outside

Non-toxic inks, glues and dyes.

No toxic emissions during incineration at any temperature between 650°C and 1,200°C;

Safety design:

Fitted with Sharps aperture which with  dimensions: 38 mm in diameter,be clearly visible against the colour of the container.

Supplied with a handle which allows the container to be carried safely with one hand.without risk of needle stick injury, both

  before and after final closure of the sharps aperture.


Bio-hazard marking: Boxes clearly marked with the international bio-hazard warning , printed red on each of

the front and  back faces of the box.

Fill line: The maximum recommended fill line be clearly marked on all vertical faces of the box, in black

Warning in various version of language for prevent needle stick.

Instructions: In addition to the international bio-hazard symbol, clear pictorial instructions without writing

are to be printed on two sides of the container showing:

• How to assemble the box.

• How to use the box as a container for contaminated sharps;

• Syringe disposal direction (needle down).

• How to close the sharps aperture when the box is full.

• How to further disposal

Box Surface: Picture And Word Clear and Correctly,No Fuzzy,No Double Image,No Overfill Ink, No deinking