EA-100 Medical waste incinerator

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EA-100  incinerators with three stage burning, buring  rate 100 kgs/hour


EA-100 incinerator are designed to burn many types of medical waste including type IV pathological waste and infectious and contaminated “Red bag” , nozzle, plastic items , plastic caps, cellulose acetate membrane electrophoresis, liquid, toilet boxes, bacteria culture, drug sensitivity reaction plate, syphilis test board, other experimental specimens, operation resection stump, organ and so on

Parameter for EA-100 Medical waste incinerator

              Equipment Technical Specifications

Applicable hospital size (number of beds)

150-200 beds

Burning Ability

75kg/hour for dry medical waste and 1.5hours for wet medical waste

Size of the incinerator

2×1.4x3.4 m

Volume of incinerator

Gasification room1.2m3,secondary burning room0.6m3, drift a long burning a room0.2m3

Size of the waste filling entrance



Height 10mout-radius Ø300

Air Blower


Auxiliary  burner

Power 0.11kwoil consumption volume 4-10/h

Re-burning burner

Power 0.22kwoil consumption volume 10-18/h

Operation voltage

380V or 220V




Fast ,complete ,efficient waste disposal

Ø Primary chamber:1.2cubic meters

Ø Threechambers and two burner, insulated and refractory lined secondary chamber with exit temperature

   of up to 1000-1300℃with 2 secondsretention time.

Ø Easy and safe operation:

Ø With temperaturemonitoring function

Ø insulated and refractory lined chamber, and with thickness of refractory more than150mm

Ø Low temperature outside service when incineration

Ø Electric ignition and shut off. With burner slide and the burner can be take out after work finished so that to

    avoid the damage to burner.

Ø Automatic controlthe working oftwo burners, the water pump and the fan.

Ø Automatic display ofvoltage and current,temperature in first chamber and second chamber

Ø With secondary chamber and burner, provides a 2 second and gas retention time.

Ø Virtually smoke & smell free

Ø High temperature, refractory lining giving excellent heat retention

Ø Easy installation and maintenance–installation

Ø One year warranty and full access to technical backup and support via telephone.

Ø Worldwide coverage.