ID Bracelets, paediatric, red

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we can supply ID Bracelets, paediatric, red


General Description:
ID Bracelets, paediatric, red, pack of 100/inner box, 10 inner box to a middle size box. 5000pcs per large carton. 

Technical Specifications:
Single use, tamper proof,  non-stretch personal identification bracelet for paediatric use.
Colour: red.
Strong and durable, soft to the touch. Atraumatic and hypo-allergenic.
Closed with a strong, single use clip, that once clicked in to position cannot be removed.
Personal information to be written directly on the bracelet with common ballpoint pen, non-erasable, or in the paper strip then inserted inside the transparent bracelet.

Dimensions: approximately 1cm x 25cm (w x l). Length: adjustable at closure, the remaining free end of the strap may be trimmed adjacent its emergence from the clip.

Band: supple non-stretch plastic, PVC-based, Resistant to water, common solvents and soaps. Single use.
Identification paper (when applicable): writable with common ballpoint pen. Paper should be easy to insert into the accompanying plastic band.

Cardboard box with 500 ID bracelets, with clear text and pictorial instructions for use.

Label  be   English  include the following information:

Product information
The words "for single use" (or equivalent harmonised symbol).
The words "destroy after use" (if space allows).
Supplier information - name and address of manufacturer, co-packer, distributor.
Any storage instructions that might apply
Number of units per primary packaging
Instructions for use.
Alternatively, instructions for use can be printed on a separate insert
Net weight