FA-10FHD 10Liters sharp container

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Container,sharps,leak-resistant ,Single-use sharps containers with an integrally attached closure,stackable, capacity 10Liters


Container,sharps,leak-resistant ,Single-use sharps containers with an integrally attached closure
feature, stackable, capacity 10Liters

Model: FA-10FHD

Size:  L185mmL*W185mm*H300mm

General Description:

Sharps containers constructed of PP material resistant to penetration and leakage , compact in size allowing free space, freestanding, lid premounted,
one piece with aperture and open  and close day lid, with total capacity  10L, portable , single-use.

Intended use: 

safely and efficiently contain, transport and store used  limited number of small sharps (ex. Lancets and needles) at the point of
use and until final destruction

Technical specifications


the sharps container  safely contain contaminated sharps at the point of use; during temporary storage and during handling  and transport to the point of treatment and final disposal.

Container stability: 

Upright, stable during use on a horizontal surface and do not topple over

Resistance to damage or leakage: 

no evidence of leakage and no breach of the sharps containment area  

Resistance to penetration: 

Fill line indicator: 

Preferably with a fill line indicator marking the  maximum filling volume at a level no greater than 85 % of the total  capacity of the container and determined by the design of the container

and considering the risk of sharps extending above the fill line.


designed to minimize the potential for accidental sharps injuries during placement of sharps into the container. Allow single hand placing of sharps and designed to restrict hand entry and removal

of contents from the container.

Closure feature: 

Integrally attached capable of being closed without the risk of sharps injury to the user. The permanent closure, once activated, preferably, is resistant to manual opening.


premounted and one piece with aperture


Container can: yellow.