EA-100PLUS medical waste incinerator with gas purify system

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Bio medical waste incinerator with gas purify system,100KG per hour

Product Name

Bio medical waste incinerator with gas purify system
Model:   EA-100PLUS   

Technical Specifications:

Function high temperature  incineration for complete destruction of  hospital  waste and lab waste,imputed human organs
Type dual chamber,semi-automatic type and tertiray chamber with flue gas scrubber
Waste burning capacity  100 kg per hour
incinerator design controlled air type
finish/paint high quality heat resistant, high grade epoxy paint coating
No. of burners 2pcs
temp controllers thermocouples: 02pcs
loading system manual , batch type
fuel: Nutural gas or diesel 
unit warm-up time 20 minute
residual time of flue gases 02seconds
Primary chamber
Volume for Primary chamber /Secondary Chamber /mix burning chamber 1200L+ 600L+ 200L 
Waste burning capacity 100  KG per hourdaily incineration 8-12hours
temperature of chamber More than 850
blower fan In primary chamber 0.75KW 
Primary chamber constructions Steel sheet 6mm, 
heat resistant paint 3cm, 
isolation bricks 12cm
non-cracking refractory bricks: 15cm 
Surface temeraturer after few hours use Below 55
Secondary Chamber (Post Combustion) 
temperature of chamber 900-1100
chamber constructions 200mm  of high thermal insulating materials, and 50mm insulator.
Nos. 2 pcs of imported famous brand(baltur)  fully automatic burners installed, one each at each chamber
Operate Operatable by single push buttons gas flow protection micro sensing
structure both burners having blower, motor overload protections, electric  spark ignition and flame sensing rod
contro safety: Emergency shut off control systems
Venturi scrubber
wet ventury scrubber water based wet ventury scrubber system for clean smoke emission
made made of complete S/S 
type full cone type
Packed spray tower 
mixed flue gas and liquid fully  (air flow speed 0.5-1.0m/s, smoke outlet  temperature below 100 degrees C, liquid spray density of 10m3/hm2).
Cyclone dust and steam seperator
Relying on centrifugal and tapered concentration, the moisture in the flue gas is separated, the water flow into the First sedimentation tank and second one and then re-circulating used
Water pool  for waste  sedimentation
3 stage of water pool First sedimentation pool, 
Secondary sedimentation pool 

Final sedimentation pool, with 3-5NaOH liquid and will be clean water which meet  emission regulation , clean water can be

drawn back to ventury scrubber by water pump for clean and cooling  the waste gas , and can add the city water in it if need. 

plate moterial/thickness  made of S.S
height height 12 meters
fitting fitted with shilling wires
sampling port   be fitted with sampling port for the collection and measuring of gas
Electric control panel
Digital display of temperature and set timing parameters.
having all electrical/temp control switches and gauses
mains  push on/off /emergency stop
burners/blowers push control systems
power electric voltage 380+ 10% 50/60Hz
electric phase 3
Ashes Harrow 1pc