FA-DG01 gynecology delivery Table

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Table, gynecology, delivery, with accessories

General Description:

Table, gynecology, delivery, with accessories

Technical specifications:

Gynecological examination and delivery table, 3 sections
Mounted on 4 sturdy supports, all finished with height adjustable feet
All sections fitted with non-removable padded upholstery
Robust mechanics allow for manual repositioning of all sections between gynecological and obstetric use
Transfer bars connect all lower distal portions of the 4 supports, providing maximal structural strength
Back section:
Adjustable via secured pawl and gear ratchet, safe for patient and operator
Pelvic section:
Can be tilted to Trendelenburg position with lever handle
Sides of this section are fit with vertical handgrips, length 20 cm
Padded knee crutches are height and width adjustable, set with robust clamps with heavy knob
Fixing of the crutch holders is solid steel and welded to the frame of the bed
This section integrates a support for a slide-out basin-tray
Leg section:
Recesses entirely downwards, 90 degrees
When elevated and fully extended, all sections align to perfectly flat surface.


High resistance to corrosion (tropical environment)
Frame: epoxy coated tubular steel
Adjustable feet
Sliders/fixtures for the knee crutches: tubular steel, welded to the bed frame
Padded upholstery: high-density polyurethane foam, density 27-33 kg/m3
 Cover: faux leather, flexible, highly tear resistant, anti-static, flame retardant, disinfectant- and liquid proof, washable.
Basin-tray: Austenitic stainless steel, 18/10


All 3 sections extended, including padding: 190x80x80cm (l x w x h)
Padded upholstery: 10cm (h)
Carrying capacity: 150 kg
Slide-out basin-tray, capacity: 4L
Knockdown construction: yes