Guide to OEM an autoclave bag

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OEM autoclave bags as your requirement is available

7 steps to order a bags you need :

Tell us the follow information, we will produce the bags you need:

STEP 1:  Size

          width, height, thickness of single layer of film 

STEP 2: Quantity 

STEP 3: Color  

          We can produce various colors according to Panton code, normal color is yellow, red,

          and clear one

STEP 4: Material 

           If it is used in 121℃,HDPE material will be OK, if need to be autoclave in 134℃, will need PP material.  the cost of HDPE material is cheaper than the PP material 

STEP 5: with indicator or not

STEP 6: Printing

           we have some mould of printing which is free of mould cost for you.we can alprint as your requirement and also can put your logo in the bags.  

STEP 7:  Packing

            we can pack as requirement, and normally weight of each carton is less than 20kg so that for carry conveniently