Bag,biohazard,121℃ autoclave,HDPE

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Bag,biohazard,  yellow or red, 121℃ autoclave,HDPE


General Description:

biohazard bags for infectious health-care waste,can resist a maximum temperature of 121°C (250°F).

Technical Specifications:
Material: High Molecular Weight, High-Density  Polyethylene(HDPE) 
Colour: Yellow or red or clear 
Imprinted in black with English text “Biohazard” and the black tri-sickle logo according U+2623, both on 1 side.
Printed with a sterilization patch that darkens when subject to steam sterilization.
Size (W) x (L):  31*66cm, 61*81cm, 80*100cm or OEM size
Thickness: 1.2 mil to 2.0 mil(OEM thickness)
Puncture, tear and leak resistant
Leak proof bottom seal for added safety and leak resistance
Supplied as roll or box of 100 bags

Bag can be autoclaved prior to its disposal: can resist a maximum temperature of 121°C (250°F).

Standards: the biohazard bag meets or exceeds the 165-gram Dart Drop test (ASTMD1709.)

 OEM size , color and thickness is available

Size in stock is as following: