Box, infectious sample transportation, UN 2814

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 Box, infectious sample transportation, UN 2814 

Product Description

1.UN-type packaging box (triple packaging) for transportation of  infectious substance

2. Design and make are compliant with UN 2814 (infectious   substance affecting humans, category A)  

3. Usage Temperature:-45-55℃
4. Good Sealing and Leak-proof , with inserts providing barriers
5. Primary packing - capacity: 20 vacuum tubes in size 5 to 15ml
    Secondary packing: plastic container, 110x150mm (diam x h),

fitted with absorbent material ;Weight : 500g

Tertiary packing: Very strong cardboard (sturdy enough to withstand being dropped from 3 meters high), 

with minimal dimensions (to reduce air-freight cost), includes integrated space for 0.3L cool-pack

 (for short-distance transportation) or dry-ice (for long-distance transportation)

6. Labeling of tertiary packing in accordance with regulation for UN 2814

7. Supplied with:
1 x cool-pack, 0.35L (2-8℃,-12℃,-25℃ for choice)

size160*95*35mm 350g